Where Do I Go Now?

You know that empty, listless feeling you sometimes get after something big is over? Like Christmas — in the past, I always had such a runup of excitement and busy-ness that when December 26 rolled around, I felt a huge let-down from the sudden lack of adrenaline.

Today, having finished an important task, I feel a sense of satisfaction but at the same time I feel like a balloon that just lost all its helium. I’m “burnt-out,” drained, exhausted. My next task seems uncertain; where should I go from here? Although in reality I know what I need to do now (there’s always something, isn’t there?), inertia is getting in the way. I’ve run down and I need somehow to wind myself up again.

This feeling will pass, I know. In the meantime, I’llĀ  choose to focus on my achievement and enjoy the satisfaction.

2 thoughts on “Where Do I Go Now?

  1. try to enjoy a little time to take a deep breath and relax . Feel great for a minute that you have just conqured one thing. Then in a minute, start on the next thing. This isn’t a race is it? lol

  2. Relax, enjoy some time to rejuvenate yourself. You are doing so well and I am so proud of your perseverance and determination to do a great job. You are really proving your abilities in a major way. Congratulations!!!

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