30 Wednesdays of Truth Day 8

Day 8 : Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like sh%#

When I was a child, of course, it was my abusers who made my life hell. There is no comparison.

In adulthood, I have generally been well-treated. The only exceptions were 1) my children’s stepmother, who alternated between very nice and very mean (I think she had BPD!) and 2) two people with whom I had addictive relationships, who similarly treated me well and then badly (they probably had BPD too, lol).

I must also mention that sometimes I’ve treated myself like sh%# and abused myself. I’m learning not to do this, though.


5 thoughts on “30 Wednesdays of Truth Day 8

  1. Thank you so much for your honesty. I have started a blog and really don’t know what I am doing. I have PTSD and wanted a space to express myself without friends or family involved as there maybe some home truths. I have Facebook but not the right place to say it as it is. I don’t know if my blog address comes up auto so you can contact me or I need to tell you who I am. honestninny. My mail is asitishagenh@wordpress.
    I understand if you don’t want to communicate. But would you please just respond so I know I am doing the right thing. I hope your doing ok?

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