Anita S:

This is a truly excellent explanation of the recovery process!

Originally posted on ...But She's Crazy:

Among the many things I enjoy about my Peer Support Specialist training — and there’s so much — I most appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this idea of recovery and how I can enhance my own experience of it.

Recovery is a relatively new notion for me. Of course I’ve always sought to “get better” and I understood I had to do some work to get there, but in many ways I approached it as something that would happen to me, instead of something I would create for myself. “Getting better” was a passive achievement; “recovery” is an intentional series of actions and mindsets, the success of which hinges on my conscious awareness of myself and my condition. In recovery, I’m in charge. I determine what recovery looks like to me, how to get there, and how to maintain wellness. Recovery, as I’ve learned more explicitly…

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