100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups

This is something new for me. Each week at Julia’s Place there is a new photo to inspire 100 words. Here’s mine for this week:

I admire myself in the mirror — my human has gone all out this time! Purple hair, neon green glasses, and a boa around my neck! I’m either a glam rocker or a drag queen. The party is in the vacant lot down the street. Unlike most cats, we can hear each other’s feelings. Strutting down the sidewalk, I feel the euphoria, anticipation and excitement grow stronger and overwhelm me like a gust of wind. When I arrive they take pictures, and as the flash happens, I realize my tongue was out. No matter; the camera still captured my beauty!

You can view the picture here.

8 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups

  1. This picture is hilarious!!! I really hope you will save this one for future reference. This lady is a fun inspiring person apparently. Thanks for sharing this cute post.

  2. Well, I did not tell you how much I enjoyed reading “Your” description of the picture. You nailed it completely. Loved it!!!

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