Photo Friday — The Scientist Kittens

I’ve mentioned before that I’m totally addicted to watching the Foster Kitten Cam featuring the Scientist Kittens — Einstein, Tesla, Darwin, and Newton.  Einstein is the only girl. I’ve watched them from a few days after their birth, back when they did nothing but eat and sleep, until now when they won’t stay in their play area, love climbing, and move so fast they are just blurs (see below!). Well, it’s about time for them to be adopted and go to their forever homes. I will really miss them! It may sound silly, but I love cats and I’m not able to have one due to my partner’s allergies. So I get enjoyment at second hand via the Kitten Cam, my daughter & son’s cats, and my mom’s feral cats.

Here are some cool screenshots:

the Scientist Kittens in their playroom

Tesla is the black tabby

The blur is Miss Einstein!

Darwin sees something interesting!

left to right: Tesla (in the bowl), Newton, Einstein, and Darwin

Einstein and Tesla

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