“Ten Tips on Getting Away with Rape” flier found in college dorm


This is incredible and very disturbing. It is no joke — the 10 tips include slipping drugs into women’s drinks, targeting women who walk alone — and the 10th one, which made me want to vomit even more than the others, reportedly read “RAPE, RAPE, RAPE — its [sic] college boys live it up!”

But that’s not the worst. The flier was found in a men’s bathroom in a COED dorm, yet university officials did not issue a warning, not even in that dorm, much less across the campus!

After a local newspaper did an expose, the university finally decided to take action — investigating who may have left the flier, increasing police presence, and warning students.

I feel very thankful that as far as I know, nothing like this has ever happened to my daughter or son (men can be raped, too!). I pray it never does. But sadly, it’s not uncommon, and society’s tolerance of this behavior is disturbingly high in many situations such as college.

My daughter is a nurse who sometimes has to walk to her car at night. I’ve suggested to her that she should get a security officer to walk with her, and as far as I know she does. All I know is this really scares me.

2 thoughts on ““Ten Tips on Getting Away with Rape” flier found in college dorm

  1. I saw this title on Care2 the other day. It is amazing how many things there are instructions for how to do “Whatever”. You can learn how to make a bomb on line, you can learn how to make your own booze online, there are how-to instructions for pedafiles, so I’ve heard on Law and Order: SVU (tv program). What is this world coming to? Since the internet has become so popular, there is information on just about anything you can think of or desire. Some people’s thoughts and desires are just “SICK”!!!!!!!!! I too pray for your daughter’s safety.

  2. I agree. It is scary to think that this is accepted in our society. Shame on the university for being so lax – and for not caring that their passiveness is basically encouraging low morals and bullying.

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