Five-Minute Friday — Grasp

Friday is the day that Lisa-Jo inspires us to write creatively and unedited for 5 minutes. Every week there is a prompt which everyone uses to stimulate those little grey cells, and it’s amazing to me the variety of writing which results!

To participate or read other ‘grasp’ posts, click the image:

Now for my 5 minutes worth…


“A woman’s reach should exceed her grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” I know that’s a misquotation, but it gives me an idea of how to approach this topic. My grasp is what I have now, what I hold onto, what is comfortable for me. If I stick with what I can grasp right now, then my life will be stagnant, and even worse, it will begin to diminish and grow steadily smaller.How is ‘reach’ different from ‘grasp?’ Reaching implies action, striving, pushing forward, not resting on one’s laurels, but moving on to greater heights. This is where I want to be! I want to continue learning, acquiring skills, meeting new challenges, new people, new places, new experiences. I want to do my best to aid others, and to do that I must reach out to them.

Grasping is good-reaching is even better.


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