Baby Steps Part 2

by Emilio Garcia
Brainade! The Brain Grenade by Emilio Garcia

In the last post, I mentioned the poisonous thoughts that arise when I try to ask other people for help. I’ve been thinking about this idea. Are there Deadly Elements (e.g. grenades) in my brain that can get triggered by my thoughts, feelings, or actions? If so, how can I find and destroy those pockets while simultaneously employing the baby steps concept?

Clearly, this is an area in which I need help…. no irony intended! Where can I get it? A prime source of help is the Internet, because I can access it anytime I choose. Of course, the best part is I don’t have to look it in the face or worry what it thinks of me.

Other sources include my mom, my therapist, and my daughter. At present I don’t really have friends outside of my family, but that is something I plan to change.

There is a website I’ve used before which has an array of free self-help and counseling resources. The emphasis is on CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, but there is some information on other types as well. The website is or I recommend this site as a whole — there may be certain elements I would avoid, but I haven’t found them yet.

With the support from websites, other blogs, my family, and others I meet on this journey, I will take my first steps towards wholeness.



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