Word for 2017: Holistic

I just read a post on Colline’s Blog in which she discussed her word for 2017, discipline. This is her theme for the year. She described how the word discipline relates to her goals for the year.

The idea intrigued me, so I looked inside myself for a word that could be my theme for the year. I thought of spirituality at first,  but I finally decided on “holistic.”

I tend to focus on just one area of my life at a time, a habit which is probably related to my bipolar disorder. In spite of medication, I still have episodes of depression, hypomania, and mixed states. During these times I may obsess over my physical health, compulsively work on my writing, or ruminate about my relationships, to the exclusion of everything else.

In 2017, I want to keep in mind the “big picture.” All areas of my life are important: spirituality, physical and emotional health, family and friends, relaxation and leisure, writing, housework and cooking. I often feel overwhelmed when I think about doing all that! But part of the overwhelm is that I think of it as doing everything at once and doing it perfectly. I will need to remind myself that I am human and that’s okay. Trying to be aware of my whole self may feel like herding kittens sometimes, but I think it’s worth a try!

9 thoughts on “Word for 2017: Holistic”

  1. I came here from C’s blog – and I wanted to say I love your word and also enjoyed hearing why you chose it.

    best wishes for integrating that word into your year… i am still thinking of my WOTY


      1. still not sure… I wonder if there is some time limit to where we have to pick by – to where it is too late. well “never” too late – but maybe after January it is not the same. Oh it does not matter – but I will keep ya posted. have a nice day

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  2. That’s a really healthy thing to do, I think. A few years ago I came to that conclusion too but for a different reason — I tended to be secretive about parts of my life, not for nefarious reasons but just because I was too timid to truly own them. I came to the conclusion that that was unhealthy and decided to try and integrate everyone into one whole. That’s why I created my blog, Be as One, to write about stuff like that. Trouble is, most people don’t realize that compartmentalizing your life is not usually a good thing to do so my message fell on deaf ears. No biggie. But naturally I just had to response to yours! 🙂 Good luck with this!


      1. It made sense with “everyone,” too! Thank you, Susan, for reading and commenting. I’d never guessed that was what the title of your blog meant.


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