Off on a Tangent: Fanfiction

I was distracted most of March, so I haven’t gotten my three books in. Here’s why: I have a habit of getting obsessive-compulsive about certain things from time to time and one of them is writing fanfiction.

If you aren’t familiar with this genre, basically people write their own stories about characters that belong to someone else — from movies, TV shows, anime, books, even video games! They do this not because they are insane, but because the characters and their backgrounds stir something inside them and they become inspired. In fanfiction, the characters often do things that they could not or would not do in their original form, such as having romantic relationships. Everyone knows that no matter how much the fans want to see characters A and B in a relationship, it may not be a good idea from the standpoint of ratings (just look at the X-files for an example).

Fanfiction even allows characters who are not officially LGBT to have same-sex relationships off-screen. This is called “slash,” and most of the time it is male/male, but written by females. I have never heard a convincing argument as to why this is the case, so I cannot explain it, even though I have written some myself.

To a much lesser extent, there are female/female relationships, but you would expect men to write those, and as a whole, men don’t write. The overwhelming percentage of fanfiction writers are women.

Fanfiction has been an important part of my life at certain points and has even been pivotal in decisions I have made. I have written stories about Lord of the Rings, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, CSI, NCIS, and now my new one, a British show called New Tricks (see photo above).

Back in the days before computers, fanfiction was shared via fanzines and stories were not published unless the fanzine editor agreed. I had 4 or 5 Star Trek stories published back then. We now have the website, and the genre has literally exploded. Anyone can publish fan stories on the site. Personally, I think this has lowered the quality, but I suspect it’s mainly because many of the writers are young. With maturity and practice, they will probably improve.

Anyway, I will be back when my stories are finished.

(Curious? Click here to go to my profile on Scroll down until you get to the stories. Please PAY ATTENTION to the ratings, as not all the stories are family-friendly. M rated stories are explicit — don’t read if you don’t like that sort of thing)

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