Health Articles

I was the Public Health editor for from summer 2007 to 2008, and some of those articles are still on the site. Here is a clickable list:

Brita Classic Pitcher Review
Melatonin Uses, Side Effects, and Warnings
The 12 Second Sequence – Book Review
Walk Away the Pounds — Video Review
Make Healthy Heart Resolutions
Natural Allergy Relief – Allergic Load
Salmonella Facts You Should Know
Sleep – Secret Weapon to Fight Disease
Medications for Smoking Cessation
Travel Health – Stay Safe and Secure
Floods and Public Health
Aspartame Safety Concerns
Pollution in Your Drinking Water
Physician Specialties
Government Health Agency Directory
Hospice Care Issues and Choices
How to Talk to Your Doctor
Quality of Life with Osteoarthritis
Herpes in Student Wrestlers
Zoonosis — Your Pet Can Make You Sick
Health Care Inequality — Women and Minorities
Vaccines, Autism, and Public Health
Bipolar Disorder — Record Keeping
Eating Disorders and Childhood Abuse
Holistic Treatment for Depression
Preventing Self-Injury
Self-Help for Bipolar Disorder

(please notify me if you find a broken link, as the current Public Health Editor may remove my articles at any time)

I have also published other health-related articles, as follows:

Review of Timberlawn Trauma Program
Coping with Holiday Blues
Holiday Travel Health
Help Yourself Stop Smoking
The Rapid Oral HIV Test
Flossing and Heart Disease
The Great Influenza — Book Review
Ubiquilin2 Dysfunction an Underlying Cause of ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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